Mac OS X Version
The current version of cuePics is 1.1.1. The download of cuePics for Mac OS X comes as a ZIP file. Click the download button below. When the ZIP file has downloaded it will either: (1) decompress and run the installer automatically, or (2) you will have to double-click the ZIP file to decompress it and then double-click the cuePics installer to run it. The default location to install the cuePics folder is the Applications folder on your main system disk, but you can choose to install anywhere else if you so wish.
Version 1.1.1 for Mac OS X (13MB)
Detailed instructions for the two main Mac browsers, Safari and Firefox, follow:-

Click the download link below. If you have "Open safe file after downloading" set in Safari > Preferences > General then the download, decompression and running of the cuePics installer will all happen automatically. If you get an alert which says "Install cuePics.pkg contains an application. Are you sure you want to continue downloading Install cuePics.pkg?", then click Continue. If "Open safe file after downloading" is off, then you will have to double-click the downloaded ZIP file to decompress it and then double-click "Install cuePics" to run the cuePics installer.

Click the download link below. You may be prompted with a dialog or not depending on your Firefox preferences. Depending on your Firefox setup, the downloaded ZIP file will either decompress automatically or not. If it doesn't then double-click the ZIP file to decompress it. In either case, after decompressing the ZIP file run the installer by double-clicking the "Install cuePics" file.

If you have any problems decompressing the ZIP file, you can try opening it with free versions of either StuffIt or ZipIt.

Help File
The cuePics PDF Help file is also available here as a separate download if needed. The help file is included in the above full cuePics download and so you don't need to download both files. To force the file to download, press the Control key (Ctrl), click the link and keep your mouse down and choose "Download Linked File" (Safari) or "Save Link As..." (Firefox).

View / Download cuePics PDF Help (3.2MB)

cuePics requires at least version 6 of QuickTime to be installed to take advantage of all the features of the program. Only very few people will have an older version than version 6 installed, but you can check by going to the QuickTime entry in the "System Preferences" under the Apple menu and clicking "About QuickTime..." (also if you run cuePics without the required version of QuickTime it will warn you on startup). You can download and install the most recent version of QuickTime when you install cuePics or you can do it here from the Apple site.