Here you can download a free demo of cuePics with no time limitations. The only restriction is that you cannot import more than a total of 10 pictures and when you export your sequence as a QuickTime or AVI file it will have a red cross overlaid throughout the movie. If you would like to purchase cuePics you can do so from within the program by selecting: (Windows) "Buy/license..." from the "Help" menu / (Mac) "Buy/license..." from the "cuePics" menu. After completing the buying/licensing procedure the cuePics demo becomes fully functional, removing the restrictions on the number of pictures that can be imported and the render of a red-cross in exported movies.

Choose to download either the Windows version or the Mac OS X version.
Minimum Recommended Specifications

Pentium III (Pentium IV 500MHz recommended); 128MB RAM (256MB recommended); 20MB disk space; monitor resolution of at least 800 x 600; Windows XP / Vista; QuickTime 6 or later

NB 1. QuickTime is a free download from Apple

NB 2. cuePics will probably work on Windows 2000, but it is not supported. The last version of QuickTime to support Windows 2000 was 7.1.6. You can get it from the Apple site here. You will also need Windows 2000 service pack 4 installed.

G3 (G4 500MHz recommended); 128MB RAM (256MB recommended); 27MB disk space; monitor resolution of at least 800 x 600; requires Mac OS X v10.2 or later; QuickTime 6 or later

Less powerful machines will run cuePics, but performance may be impaired, especially in the playback of slideshow transitions.