Picture Power
If you are an educational establishment you may be interested in purchasing the sister product of cuePics called Picture Power. Picture Power is brought to you by the English and Media Centre, a UK-based provider of materials for the study of literature and media in UK schools. Picture Power was also developed by Icecandy Software, the developers of cuePics, and is now in its' third version. It is multi-award winning, including Royal Television Society, BIMA and BETT awards. cuePics is based upon Picture Power 3.

Picture Power 3 CD-ROM Cover

Picture Power offers several things in addition to cuePics which are particularly relevant for teaching:-
  • it comes on a CD-ROM with a library of pictures and sounds organised into 10 modules. These modules are tuned to UK school curricula, but are general enough to be useable in other countries and educational systems. They are appropriate for studies in: Media, Literature, History, Language, Social studies...etc.
  • it offers a multi-choice installer and can be installed on a network with shared resources. The installer gives the option to either: 1. run from the CD-ROM; 2. run from a single hard-disk install; or 3. run across a network as a client or server application
cuePics does, however, offer several more advanced features than Picture Power 3 such as: a larger choice of transitions; attachment of sound clips to pictures; export of sound fades; more QuickTime and additional AVI export options; the ability to crop and edit pictures simultaneously; the ability to add title text to any picture (normal, cropped, edited or transformed); the ability to reorder pictures in the Picture Store and transform them by rotating or flipping them and several other improvements.

Please go to the English and Media Centre's web site where you will find an online shopping facility and further information about Picture Power.