Why QuickTime?
cuePics's export option uses Apple's free QuickTime technology to make a QuickTime or AVI movie of your edited sequence complete with pictures, transitions, and synched sounds including volume fades. AVI is a Microsoft Windows video format - it is supported on all Windows computers, but not generally on Apple computers. Here at Icecandy Software (the developers of cuePics) we believe QuickTime is the best, truly cross-platform, solution for video media delivery. Originally developed by Apple Computers for the Apple Macintosh, QuickTime works equally as well on PC computers running Windows.

cuePics itself was built as a 100% cross-platform solution and is available for both Windows and Macintosh. Projects created on a PC running Windows system software may be copied to a Macintosh running Mac OS X and vice-versa. This is particularly useful in collaborative environments like companies or educational establishments, but even applies in homes which have both types of computers.

The QuickTime movies that you create in cuePics can be viewed by anyone with the assurance that, if they have QuickTime installed, they will be able to view the movie you made exactly as you intended. For more information on QuickTime see the Apple site.

QuickTime and the QuickTime logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., used under license therefrom.