What is cuePics?
cuePics is slideshow software that allows you to create a still-image movie with pictures, transitions and synchronised sounds. The still-image movie or slideshow may be played back full screen or exported as a QuickTime or AVI movie, making it very easy to display and share your work.

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Download a FREE demo with no time restrictions (limited to import of a maximum of 10 pictures + overlayed red-cross on output). Purchase a license from within the demo for only $30.
What is special about cuePics? cuePics has several features that we think make it stand out from the crowd. These are:-
  • Intuitive, drag-and-drop, non-linear editor that allows you to build a sequence as in a video editing program like Apple's iMovie or Windows Movie Maker
  • As well as importing pictures and sounds from your computer, cuePics also imports photos directly over the internet from Facebook and exports movies ready to be uploaded back to the Facebook Video application
  • Real-time, scrubbable, preview of sequence without rendering
  • Record sound and create graphics directly within the program
  • Supports multi-track sound to accurately synchronise simultaneous music, sound effects and voice-overs with volume and fade control
  • Supports simultaneous picture drawing, cropping, titling and transformations.
  • Exports QuickTime or AVI movie files
  • Software and created projects are cross-platform between MicroSoft Windows and Apple Mac OS X
  • Multi award-winning software, previously developed for - and tried and tested in - UK schools
For a full list of all major features see the Feature List section.

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